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over 3 years ago

One day left for the opening ceremony!

Hey everyone! 

I'm Ignacio Agramont, the Community Leader, some of you should know me by now :D

I just wanted to remind you all that we are just a few hours away from the opening ceremony and we can't wait more to see the amazing projects that you have been working on, 

I wanted to make sure that everyone has added a pitch video to every submit that you have done so far, if you haven't please do it before Sunday at 12:30 PM (UTC +2).

For the "Team Checkups" on Saturday at 8:00 PM (UTC +2) if you want a feedback from Mentors make sure to share your project on #team-checkup channel so every mentor can see it.

For the ones who aren't verified on our Discord Server, please don't forget that you must give a small introduction telling us who you are and please don't forget to add your Devpost Profile.

Don't forget to take a look to our agenda to see what else we have for you!

And if you are new, please take a look to the Participants Information Kit so you will get any information that you need.

If you want some Mentors help please ping them on the #mentors channel, some of them are super excited to help you all and see what you've reached so far!

Hope everyone is working and having incredible ideas.

If you have any other question you can send me a Direct Message on Discord @IgnacioAgramont or send me an email to, I will be happy to help you all with any issue.


We wish you all the best and good luck, this is just going to start!

The World Hackathon Day team